UK Government Abolishes IELTS for Nurses?

This headline has caught the attention of many nurses and doctors, and as the leading IELTS tuition provider in Ghana, we are not surprised that we have been inundated with questions for clarification.

Most of these people want to find out what this means for them and many others also think no IELTS is needed from them to travel and work in the UK. We, therefore, want to provide for our cherished clients and the general public what this review by the UK Home Office means for nurses and doctors preparing to migrate to and work in the UK.

Firstly, a Ghanaian nurse, midwife or doctor who wishes to work in the UK still needs the IELTS. What has changed is that one does not necessarily have to write IELTS for UKVI for this purpose. Until this review, one needed to write the IELTS for UKVI to be able to apply for a visa to travel to the UK to work even when they meet the English language proficiency level set out by their respective professional bodies in the UK.

It is, therefore, true that the UK Government (Home Office) does not need IELTS to grant you visas and as such, IELTS for UKVI is no longer important for nurses and doctors to work in the UK. What has, however, not changed is the English language requirement for the UK NMC. The NMC requirement can be satisfied with the Standard IELTS or OET.

The benefit of this change to a Ghanaian nurse is that he/she can take the IELTS in either Accra, Kumasi or Tamale. Additionally, the cost of the Standard IELTS is also about 50 cedis less than that of the IELTS for UKVI.

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    1. You need both IELTS and CBT as the UK NMC has not changed their requirements. The change been talked about relates to the visa application only. The UK Home Office (the visa application unit) does not need IELTS again so long as you meet the requirement of the NMC.

  1. Please what is the main difference between the two exams?.Does that mean I can choose to write either the OET or IELET?.Is the standard ielet easier than the general one?

  2. I am midwife in Ghana who works with one of the teaching hospital. I wrote ielts ukvi academic and had 6.5 can I still be qualified to migrate to the UK to work or study. Kindly assist