Work Abroad


Our Job Offers: The UK, USA, Ireland, Australia etc

Nurses and midwives from Ghana are some of the most respected in the world and stand to enjoy great benefits working in these countries as compared to what is available to them working in their home country, Ghana.

Jobs for Nurses and Midwives

Many countries such as the US, the UK, Canada, Ireland and Australia are in dire need of nurses and midwives to help augment their health care. Nurses in the UK, the US, Canada and Ireland are part of the most paid employees thus nurses in these countries have decent livelihoods and can take care of themselves and their family needs.

UK Job

For Nurses & Doctors

Job opportunities are available in the UK for nurses with diplomas or higher qualifications and even Enrolled nurses. All you need is your IELTS and CBT. Dreams Consult offers IELTS tuition and will ensure you are well prepared before taking both tests.

We also do applications for all who have both results. A midwife who seeks to work in the UK will be required to have the IELTS, CBT and OSCE. Both the IELTS and CBT are written in Ghana but the OSCE is taken in the UK hence interested applicants will have to ready themselves for flight and accomodation cost to the UK to take the OSCE. Dreams Consult offers tuition for the IELTS, offer learning materials for the CBT and guide you throughout your registration for your CBT, giving you our best.


For General Nurses & Mental Health Nurses.

The US as we all know is one of the richest economies worldwide. Also, they offer one of the most competitive salaries for nurses worldwide.  Dreams consult has offers for General and Mental health nurses who want to work in the US.

Whether your IELTS is ready or you will require tutoring (which we provide), Dreams consult will assist you in the application process; getting you connected to one of the best agencies worldwide that will assist you with your NCLEX preparation and registration as well as visa and employment.

Prepared before taking both tests.


For Registered General Nurses & Mental Health Nurses.

There are numerous open opportunities for General nurses and Mental health nurses in Ireland. All one needs is to pass the IELTS Academic test and with Dreams Consult’s tutoring, how can you fail?

Upon passing the IELTS, Dreams Consult will apply for a registration to the NMBI (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland) and will also assist with the job search as well as VISA applications.

Ireland is rich in culture, economically stable their request for RGNs and MHN makes it quite easy for us to get you a job.