Work Opportunity in the UK for Nurses

By a popular request, we have summarized the general guidance note on the processes involved in working in the UK as a nurse. Here it is below. We expect that this abridged version should be adequate, however, if for any reason you want the general idea on the entire process, you can read the general guidance note by clicking the link above.

The Process
For a Ghanaian nurse (RGN or RMN) to work in the UK now, they need to write and pass an English language proficiency test (IELTS or OET), begin the registration with the UK NMC and then write CBT.

Thereafter, one can look for vacancies in the UK via recruitment agencies or make direct contact with the employing health institutions to arrange an interview. Dreams Consult has a list of trusted agencies that can help you get a job in either an NHS facility, a private health facility – care homes and nursing home, etc.

After passing the interview, then you will be given an employment offer that will spell out the terms of the contract and other incentives. Once you accept the offer, the employer will obtain a certificate of sponsorship in your name and apply for a visa.

The visa success for this category of visa for healthcare worker is 99% so there is a very high chance that every nurse from Ghana will get this visa if they go through all the processes. Once obtained, a flight will be booked for the candidate and accommodation arranged. Within the first 3 months of arrival into the UK, candidates need to write and pass OSCE before being fully admitted to the register.

Cost Involved
1. IELTS registration fee 2,240 Cedis (refundable by the employer)
2. CBT registration fee 1,200 cedis (83 pounds) (refundable by the employer)
3. UK NMC registration fee 140 pounds about 1,800 Cedis (refundable by the employer)
4. Ghana NMC clearance fee 550 cedis
5. Tuberculosis Test certificate fee 800 Cedis

6. Final UK NMC registration fee 1,900 cedis
7. Police clearance certificate 120 Cedis
We provide IELTS , OET, and CBT training at a fee.

Any cost which is not included above is normally paid by the employers. For example, the visa and insurance fees, plane ticket and temporary accommodation and even a relocation package are borne upfront by the employer.

Processing Time
Usually, one will need one month to three months to go through all the processes.

You can always contact us for the preparation and registration for the English language exams (IELTS or OET) and the CBT.

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Information received from the UK NMC indicates that effective the 7th of October 2019, the processes involved in an oversea’s nurse qualifying to work in the UK would be made simpler. This should come as good news for nurses aspiring to work in the UK as well as all industry players including us.

Work in the UK as a Midwife

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          1. You equally have an opportunity to work abroad. Contact us on 0240850600 for details

        1. Registered Nursing Assistants also have the opportunity to work in the UK.
          Kindly contact us on 0240850600 for details.

      1. Whether you can move to the UK with 6.0 depends on the type of test you wrote and the purpose of the immigration. Contact 0245444499 for details.

    1. You have the opportunity to work in the UK as well. Kindly contact 0240850600 for details and assistance.

    1. The fee for our training is 600 cedis, 800 cedis, and 1000 cedis. You may contact 0245444499 for details.

    1. An allied health professional without a nursing certificate can not apply for this offer.
      Kindly reach our Work abroad department on 0240850600 for details on available opportunities.

  1. Please I am a registered nurse with Diploma certificate currently working in a hospital in Ghana.
    I sat for the IELTS academic exams on 20th November 2021 and I had the following results
    Writing 6.0
    Speaking 6.5
    Reading 5.0
    Listening 6.0
    Overall 6.0
    Please can you help me secure a job offer as a health care assistant in UK with visa sponsorship?

    1. If the exam type is UKVI then we can assist you to obtain a job offer to work as a carer.
      You may reach us on 0240850600 for details.

    1. As a registered nursing assistant, you can work in the UK as an associate nurse or a carer.
      Kindly chat us on 0245444499 for details and assistance.

    1. To work with your professional body in the UK, you have to take the IELTS exams.
      Kindly chat us on 0245444499 for assistance.

    1. Hello Helina,
      hope you are doing well?
      Very sorry about the late response.
      You can contact ielts tuition department on 0249276757